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Free Knitting Pattern the Pixie Love Hat

This is a great fast project!  I found this darling hat on Pinterest, designed by Pamela W. Allen, and published on her blog Tangled.   She appropriately named it Pixie Love.  Of course, I instantly dug through my stash to produce this lil cutie! I pinned her hat and it’s never lost popularity among my fellow pinning […]

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Lovin’ the Lil Owlie Sleep Sack

While hanging with The Purly Girls knitting bee in Nashua, my sweet friend Patty shared one of her favorite patterns for baby gifts. The Owlie Sleep Sack is a GREAT free pattern shared by Teresa Cole on her blog Comfort Wool.  I’ve heard that these lil sacks are hard to find!  Apparently, they’re a “hot item” for […]

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