Day-sie Green

IMG_5481I shared this recently at my new Art Etc Quilt group. I’ve never posted my process on this but today seems like a good time to do that. This was a challenge from my New Hampshire CC group at our second reveal. The challenge was “green.” Each participant had to use at least 7 values of green and could add a small amount of additional color of their choice.  Quilts were to be  15″ x 15,” and one quilt 15″ x 32.”

I first sketched the shape, and numbered my pattern for future referenceIMG_5480I cut petals and fused them to fabric then set them aside. Later I’d use the drawing to align each piece. Then I set about using some techniques that were new to me. First the background. I know, kind of a mess, huh? Snippets of fabric, a concept first introduced by Cindy Walters in her book Snippet Sensations, were fused to very specific areas, as you see. IMG_5337This technique was inspired by my quilting artist/friend Andrea Brokenshire over at AMB Fiber Art and Design.  I’ve long admired her use of scraps to create an impressionistic background in her masterful pieces. She’s incredible, if you haven’t seen her work be sure to check it out.  Her art is gorgeous photorealism, all painted on silk, and masterfully quilted. She’s rocking the quilting world with her talent.

Second, I fused my petals in place and added some shading and detail with paint, here I’m free motion quilting the petals with various threads.IMG_5458

Thirdly, I created a sculptural center for my daisy. IMG_5445The center was quilted as a separate piece. I’d always wanted to try to create the perfect floral center spiral. This “golden spiral” has always intrigued me. It’s a set pattern established with a Fibonacci sequence, and created by God – the master artist. Alas, I fell short in my attempt but still the process was fun! This quilted center was painted and while it was still damp I shaped it then attached that to the background I’d created. IMG_5456


Here beading was auditioned for the center but, didn’t make the cut!  😉  I finished the piece with a very scrappy binding similar to a technique I’ve blogged about here sometime back.

I always enjoy these challenges. I take them on as an attempt to learn new techniques, expand my creative experience, as I enjoy sharing and growing with other like minded individuals.  Grateful the CC group still let’s me participate and Skype in!  This was our group’s collective effort.  Notice how nicely they all display together. (Psst!  That was planned! Great job Marie Joerger ;D)432034_10150856863009546_737519545_12816571_1396705532_n-lisaMaybe you have a similar group or challenge you’ve faced and would like to share?  I welcome dialogue on this blog!  Please, join in the fun!! 🙂

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