Creative Gypsy Longarm Quilting

For the last two months I’ve been prepping and in the process of launching a new business!

A little background, I’ve been in the industry for 30 years. I started out as an artist and seamstress, followed that up with teaching in my studio, at quilt shops and also loved teaching inmates in a correctional facility in Oregon!  I’ve designed and sold patterns, served on guild boards, started and participated in quilting challenge groups, and my latest challenge is to now quilt for the public.IMG_6066


I don’t know about you but I struggle with how to eloquently put ALL of my thoughts in this blog.  If you could see inside of my head you’d understand. Let me just say ideas are flying in all directions like lightning bugs along a river bank of the Mississippi at dusk. SO much has been going on.  YES, I spent 4-5 months recovering from my hand surgery and I’m great!! Thank you Lord.

Second, for our 30th wedding anniversary my hubby, Darrell Kindley, who’s been after me to take my quilting to the next level encouraged me to get a Statler Stitcher longarm quilting machine by Gammill. (It’s really quite sweet, he’s been ordering Gammill catalogues for 10 years in hopes I’d catch the bug.  Me? Hesitant to change?  Poleese. I think with 29 moves not only have I earned the title “gypsy,” I believe my choices prove that wrong!)  Investing in this shiny new boat anchor will not only enable growth in creativity, it will allow me to bust out of my self-induced creative chains, and meet other creative minded souls.


My sweet customer Linda’s quilt. I think she did a great job, it’s a gem of a quilt!

So thirdly, without further ado and yes after a few IG & FB pics, posts and hints, it is with great enthusiasm I give you….drum roll please…. Creative Gypsy Quilting. 😀

Be sure to look for my new website soon to follow. In the meantime, for pricing feel free to contact me, why yes!  I’d be happy to quilt your completed quilt top! 😀

6 Comments on “Creative Gypsy Longarm Quilting

  1. I was lucky enough to see Lois’s Statler Stitcher in person! It is absolutely gorgeous. It quilts beautiful, with her expertise of course! I highly recommend Lois, not only is she talented but charming too! I will be seeing her again.


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