Kaleidoscope Star Paper Pieced Pattern

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I was able to blog.  Summer time fun, family travel, and prepping for surgery on my blown out thumb has had me busy!  I have a few weeks to get ready for surgery so I’m rushing around finishing up last minute projects until I’m out of creative commission for a while.  (I hear four to six months until I’m able to get even a bit of use from my right, dominant hand. “Rut Roh!” in the immortal words of Astro.)

My little friend Rie over at Marie’s Creative Space is at it again!  She has another paper pieced star pattern up for download on Craftsy. I was supposed to help her proof the pattern but the aforementioned busy schedule got in the way!  So, when I could, I printed out her pdf and played with some fabrics in my stash.IMG_3938

I had fun taking my lil Feather Weight on our recent trip to see family.  They live out in the country outside of Tulsa so, when I had a few minutes from time to time, I jumped on this block. 🙂


Here’s the preliminary view of the block.  If you’re at all interested in learning how to paper piece, Vanessa Vargas Wilson over at The Crafty Gemini has an excellent video and for beginners. I always tease that you have to be a bit dyslexic “to get” paper piecing.  Maybe it’s because, you look on one side to line up fabrics and sew on the other so, your flipping your piece back and forth as you work.  All kidding aside, it’s an excellent way to get precision piecing when you quilt, here’s a link to get you going!IMG_4181

Marie is one of those souls, you know, the kind that everyone can’t help but love.  She’s not only incredibly busy being the office manager of LaMarre Concrete, her family’s business in New Hampshire, she’s a founding board member of the NHModern Quilt Guild.  She volunteers regularly with her local guild and is becoming quite the pattern designer as well!  She’s constantly got something positive and creative going on.  So, you can easily see our bond even tho miles away. If there were a way to bottle and sale her energy, passion, and kindness we’d all be better for getting some of it!

I hope you’ll go check her out!  😀

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