Free Knitting Pattern the Pixie Love Hat

This is a great fast project!  I found this darling hat on Pinterest, designed by Pamela W. Allen, and published on her blog Tangled.   She appropriately named it Pixie Love.  Of course, I instantly dug through my stash to produce this lil cutie!DSC_0380

I pinned her hat and it’s never lost popularity among my fellow pinning enthusiasts.  So far it’s received 304 re-pins, 28 likes, and counting! Therefore, it seemed a good pattern to share with you.  If you are new to knitting, read the next paragraph.  If knitting’s old hat you might be surprised to learn a new tip for joining in the round in the video below.

For you fairly new knitters, before you panic and say there’s no way I can make that!  Let me give you a few video tutorials that will have you rethinking your mindset. Let me also encourage you and say if you’re new to knitting or if you’ve just want to try it, it’s not rocket science. It does help to have a decent attention span and a little time to unwind to take on knitting but I promise if you will and you’ll give yourself time, you’ll find it’s very relaxing and peaceful.  If you’re a visual learner, now’s the perfect time to connect with YouTube.  This little hat’s knit in the round, it makes up really fast, count your stitches, place your markers, and you should have no problem making it.  After you’ve cast on the appropriate number of stitches, Nancy Wynn’s video on knitting in the round can help you with that next step.  Later when you get ready to decrease here’s a video tutorial from The Knit Witch on the k2tog (knit 2 together) decrease.

Pamela’s pattern doesn’t include the darling little star but I did some research and Nanette Blanchard has the pattern available for free on her blog, knitting in color.  There’s information on that on my Ravelry page about the yarn and needles I used.


I like how tidy the decreases are from this view.  I enjoyed making it so much, and thought it was so sweet that I had to make another!  A lil girl version for our friend’s new baby, it’s here: Nora’s baby hat.  Of course, little booties were just begging to go with it.  😉


Pamela’s awfully sweet to offer the pattern for free but, she’s asking that, “I offer this pattern for free, but I do hope that if you use it (and even if you don’t), you will make a donation to save the children …thank you!”  Check out her site above for more info.

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