Michael Miller Modern Quilt Guild Challenge

DSC_0321 I was tickled to be included in The Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild, my shiny new guild’s challenge! 🙂  I’ve quilted for close to 30 years but recently have enjoyed trying new types of quilting.  No, if you’re “unschooled,” they’re not all the same. There are different trends and styles of quilting. There’s traditional quilting, which is the foundation of most of today’s quilting, think of what you’ve seen for years from your mothers or grandmother, traditional patchwork and appliqué.  There are varing degrees of greatness within this form of quilting.  I’ve learned recently, in the Arlington/Fort Worth area, there’s a group of quilters that are known as the DIVA’s and yes, they’ve earned the right to be called that.  They’re experts in piecing, immaculate work, historians of fabrics and blocks.  You’d be hard pressed to find ANY seam not perfectly matched or any quilting stitch awry.

While l I do appreciate this form of quilting, it’s not my passion.  I love art. I enjoy painting and apparently it’s genetic.  My grandmother was an excellent artist and did beautiful work in oils and our  daughter Chelsea paints phenomenal oil portraits.  So, it’s easy to see why I’d be drawn to art quilts.  I venture to say my love has been the art quilt.  Here’s an example of a fiber art piece, I created with a challenge group that started from the Austin Fiber Artists:red bag chaL 9 - Version 2I’ve spent recent years studying and working in this area.  If you’re interested in seeing more examples, check out my Cobalt Blue Challenge post and another challenge,  A Goose landed on my Daisy.  If given enough time in one place, a break from tumbling as it were, this tumbleweed would love to cultivate this type of quilt even more.

In the past few years, however, the Modern Quilt Movement’s caught my eye.  I attended a lecture with my dear friend Errin Risberger, a wool appliqué enthusiast, who I blogged about in May in the post Quilting Acres.  We were retreating in Sisters, Oregon and attending their Outdoor Quilt show last July. I loved what Errin was up to in her quilting:

IMG_0899 IMG_0900








She suggested I attend a lecture with her that was to be given by founder and current board member of the MQG, Alissa Haight Carlton and I was hooked! Her infectious attitude about quilting and the on-line community is one of the reasons I decided to blog.  And, I quote their blog, “The MQG developed out of the thriving online community of modern quilters and their desire to start meeting in person. The founding guild was formed in Los Angeles in October of 2009. Through blogs and the Internet, word spread quickly of the fun they were having and soon guilds started popping up everywhere…  In 2009, Alissa Haight Carlton and Latifah Saafir founded the Modern Quilt Guild giving the online community a chance to form in person connections with other modern quilters.” The movement’s become quite a hit and next February, their second convention will be held in Austin, Texas where many of us will be attending “QuiltCon.” It’s exciting to see what this next generation of quilters are up to! Their style includes exaggerated use of traditional patterns, use of negative space, transparency, pixelation, and minimalism just to name a few.


Here’s the back of my challenge piece. Psst…Don’t tell anyone but there are pins holding the binding down.

If I’m making a quilt for a 20-30 something individual, chances are I’m going to do so with this style of quilting.  Luckily, my decorating taste lends itself to this contemporary style. I fell in love with a quilt I stumbled across on Pinterest recently promoting a new quilting retreat in Tyler, Texas. It was made by Jerriann Massey for her new retreat house The Hidden Star Retreat that opened in June.  It looks lovely, all tucked away in the woods.  I can’t wait to check it out! It’s the perfect location for my Mom and I to retreat to, right between Shreveport and DFW.  The quilt was pictured on her blog Annie McHugs. I really liked her contemporary flair and thought, now that needs to be made out of the Michael Miller fabrics.  So, I now give you my quilt completed:


DSC_0335 If you’re interesting in scrappy binding like this check out my post: Scrap Series: Scrappy Binding. 

Better go do some hand stitching. I have binding to finish and a label to put on! 🙂

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