Studio Series: Bead Collection Display

Hello, here’s another installment for motivational Monday’s studio decorating ideas.  Maybe you can relate and like me have many creative interests.  While living in Austin, I found a fun portable hobby that I could take with me while I traveled, crocheting with beads.  I’m a very tactile individual and loved how these bracelets looked and felt.  At the time I sold them on Etsy but have since let that go, with our two recent moves.

 Here are a few pictures of the pieces I was creating:DSC_0487  I used freeform crochet to encrust these bracelets.

Here’s a close up of one of my favorites. This one sold on my lil Etsy store.

DSC_0493And here’s one that was gifted to my sweet Auntie JOYeous. 😉

DSC_0411Here’s a group shot.  Not only is that a lot of crochet, it was a ton of beads!


Obviously, I really enjoyed making these.  So, what does one do to be organized with that many beads?  Well, if you’re just tuning in I’ve been sharing some ideas on storage in my studio.  The bead collection was one of the first more “artful” displays I came up with.  I love seeing my supplies and am inspired when all that color whispers, “Look at me! Play with me. Create with me… “DSC_0323

You can find these great Art Prism Bins at JoAnns, and often they’re on sale!DSC_0339They’re a great idea for storing beads with their see through crystal clear plastic.  Later, I found the Jumbo ArtBin for my tools, another nice addition to help organize!

I hope you’ll be inspired by the ideas I’m sharing to get your creative space organized.  If you’re interested in seeing more of my studio or perhaps getting a few more ideas for your own, here are a few more posts to check out on studio organization.  Your Thread Collection as Art, Upcycle and Organize your Studio, and Pimpin Out the Studio Table. There’s more to come so, stay tuned. I hope I’ll inspire you in your creative journey! 🙂

4 Comments on “Studio Series: Bead Collection Display

    • Hey! Thanks!! I try to incorporate them into my art quilts and jewelry making from time to time but, until my thumbs are better, there will be no more crocheting with beads for me. 1st consultation with Dr. in Dallas tomorrow morning!! Fingers crossed we get this going soon!


  1. Love the beaded bracelets! Seems I remember having one of those 1/2 done somewhere………….. After seeing these I need to go and find it! 🙂
    Great idea with the baskets holding the containers – yet another POP of color for your studio space!


    • Yes, yes I seem to remember that too! 😉 Thanks for the positive feedback Rie! I appreciate you always offer positive and supportive input. I was thinking, when I’m done with ALL the Studio Series, I might do a video of the entire thing tying it all together. Do you think that might help it be more cohesive or that there might be any benefit of my doing that? And, when I’m done with MY studio, I’m coming to do yours next!! ; D Imagine a series of blogs about creatives and their studios…hum.


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