Scraps Series: Scrappy Binding

I was tickled when a recent post, “When Life Hands You Scraps Make Rainbows”  rallied a lot of interest! I felt I struck gold with that topic!  So, in that vein I give you the second in a series on scraps, my scrappy binding technique. Maybe you’ve seen’m before. I think they have a charm all of their own. At my TARTS bee in New Hampshire, I was sorting my snippets and scraps of fabric into colors when one lady piped in rather emphatic and quizzically asked, “Why on EARTH would you save those small pieces?! Why, I’d throw those away!”  I think to her at least, I’ve proven my point.  Let me try to do the same with you.

Here’s a few examples of my process. I create fabric for a bound edge or for binding of a quilted piece and yes, it’s made entirely of scraps: IMG_6960

Rather random, huh?  But wait, there’s more.  In this piece you can see how it looks as it’s being applied:IMG_5465

Here’s another example in a less “artsy quilt.” It’s a recent challenge piece I’m working on with my Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild.  It’s the Michael Miller fabric challenge that’s been presented to the entire MQG nationally.  Here’s a sneak peak of my project:

IMG_4048You’re only getting a peak because the reveal’s over a week away… 😉

So, when I make such a project nothing goes to waste. Not if it’s something I can salvage! Here’s an example:IMG_4049

While on retreat with the “Honey Bees” recently, I heard a great little phrase to help remember which direction to sew two strips of long binding together with a bias seam.  You’d place two strips right sides facing at a 90 degree angle. Now, imagine these two strips are legs on a pair of pants. Then sew across the waistband.  If you sew through the crotch, it’s the wrong directions and you’d never be able to get your legs into the pants.  Think about it… you’ll get it!  😉

These are scraps I’ve cut and sewn into random shapes and strips as seen below:IMG_4050 See the random seams?  Quilters are pretty frugal and I get that this is “extreme frugalness” but I get a kick out of seeing what all I can create with my scraps.  Maybe you will too?  If you do please share, I’d love to see what you’re up to!

Can’t wait to show you the finished challenge piece after next week! ;D

5 Comments on “Scraps Series: Scrappy Binding

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  2. Came at the right time…here in Nashua quilting, quilting,quilting. Doing a wild colors braid quilt and thought I would continue with the wild colors in a- well scrappy binding just didn’t know what to call it. Thanks for bring it together for me. Happy quilting sweetie.


    • Hey girlie, girlie!! I was just and I mean JUST thinking about you! How funny that I should break from my current project to see you’d commented. So GLAD you did! 🙂 I miss you and think about you often. I know you two love birds must be enjoying the beautiful weather up there! Please, next time you’re in Texas let us know. We need to keep in touch. Would love to know what’s new with you two. Shoot me and email sometime. Good LUCK with the scrappy binding! It’s a fun technique for sure! Thanks again for commenting! 😀 Give Henry a hug for me.


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