Studio Series: Upcycle & Organize Your Studio

Some years back, I was lucky to inherit a simple bookshelf my Grandpa built.  I remember he loved putzing around in his garage building things and I cherished spending hours reading endless National Geographic Magazines and Classic Comic books that this shelf held. So you can see, this is a treasured piece for me, one that was meant to be utilized and enjoyed.IMG_2622 Recently, my husband Darrell Kindley and I refreshed the bookcase with a new coat of paint,  added a new backing for support of pdf board, upholstered some wall insulation board, and it looks nice and fresh after 5 recent moves.

IMG_2626I discovered a pretty nifty use for cheap foam-core corks while painting, to lift the piece off the ground!

The fabric covered bulletin board has served me well in three different studios.  If you’re creative, you know there’s never enough space for patterns or images of inspiration as you’re working. DSC_0247   Now it’s the perfect size shelf to house my memories of creative friends and smaller cuts of quilting fabrics and fat quarters. Perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to inherit a family treasure.  If so, is it something you can edit or “upcycle” to make more useful in your home? DSC_0262

It’s an awesome divider for my coffee corner…


…and I really enjoy seeing the colors of my collections when I’m in the midst of a project.


Thanks for hanging out with me in the studio! 🙂

*Disclaimer:  I tidied up because you were coming to visit.  It’s usually a creative mess 😉

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