Studio Series: Pimpin’ out the Studio Table

Every studio needs a functional table.  Years ago, my friend Sandy gave me a wonderful drop leaf table that I distressed in an off white finish.  Recently, I stumbled across a great storage idea at  In the picture above, the Ikea Ribba Picture Ledge has been mounted to the table for storing tools.  What a great idea!  I lucked out that the color of the ledge is comparable with the distressed finish on the table. It has also been lifted to a comfortable cutting height with bed risers and Ikea’s Franklin foldable barstools are perfect with the height.  Now I can have creative peeps over to play in the studio!


Fun with my creative peeps in the studio in Nashua, NH 😀 MAN, do I miss these girls!!

Maybe you have a table that needs “pimping out” as well?

3 Comments on “Studio Series: Pimpin’ out the Studio Table

  1. Great Idea!! I just got a new sewing table for my Newbury studio and E’s finishing it with a distressed look 🙂 I’ll have to see if I can incorporate this into it!! 🙂


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