Lovin’ the Lil Owlie Sleep Sack

While hanging with The Purly Girls knitting bee in Nashua, my sweet friend Patty shared one of her favorite patterns for baby gifts. The Owlie Sleep Sack is a GREAT free pattern shared by Teresa Cole on her blog Comfort Wool.  I’ve heard that these lil sacks are hard to find!  Apparently, they’re a “hot item” for new mommies and photographers alike seeking photo props.  So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift and you have a some knitting ability you might consider giving this project a try.

IMG_2813 - Version 2

Can you see the lil owls? Cute huh?

This is an excellent pattern if you’d like to learn cable knitting.  The project seems to fly off the needles because there is so much simple stockinette stitch, knitting in the round in the body of the sleep sack.  It looks very complicated and yet it’s not.  I can say that because I’m a self-taught knitter.  If I ever get stuck on instructions I go “look it up” on the internet.  There are so many instructional video tutorials available to walk you through basic stitches that it’s easy to achieve new techniques.  An example? Here’s a link to the C4F stitch and the C4B stitches that are used in this pattern.  See?  Easy.


Here’s a view of my completed sack empty

I also made a little matching hat to go with this particular sack. That pattern is also available on Teresa’s blog Comfort Wool. If you’d like to take a “look see” at my Ravelry project page, you can check out the yarn and needles I used, or read my notes about this project.   Click on: Lil Owlie Sleep Sack or Lil Owlie Hat.

I made the featured photo sleep sack in a heathered gray yarn this past week. I  hope the new mom is pleased with her gift.  I’m interested, if you knit, do you have a favorite “go to” project for baby gifts?  If so what is it?  I’d love to hear from my readers.  If you’re like me, nothing says “love” like a gift from the heart, a gift you make.  I’m always looking for ideas and input.  If you give this project a whirl I’d really like to hear your thoughts.   THANKS Patty for the lead and Teresa for the great pattern!! 😀

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