Jammin’ on a Peach of a Day!

In keeping with my latest mantra, old dogs can learn new tricks, this week I learned how to make jam.  With our latest move, we inherited what we refer to as “the garden of eaten.”  The picture above’s a sampling. Last summer, we were too busy moving to harvest the peaches before the birds got them but this year we were ready!  We actually harvested more than enough for this recipe. I’ve always wanted to make my own jam. I’d heard it wasn’t that hard but, there were a few tricks, and I knew I needed some  specific tools.  So, I jumped on the internet, did a bit of digging, and went hunting at the grocery store for supplies.



Did you know that if you score ripe peaches like this, then place them in a pot of boiling water, aka blanching, the skins will peel right off?  I didn’t!  If they’re not quite ripe you can leave them in the boiling water for a few more minutes.  The flesh gets a tad bit mushy but they are much easier to peel!





Once they were peeled, I took a paring knife and scored wedges from the outside of the peach to the center pit, and they popped right off!  Then I simply followed the recipe and directions on the Sure Jell Premium Fruit Pectin instructions.




IMG_3862It’s probably silly but, this was the part that confused me the most about canning, sanitizing jars and lids so that the fruit doesn’t spoil and the boiling of jam in jars.

Truth? I’m a bit of a chicken. The idea of something heating up to a high temperature inside of a jar while you’re watching it, always makes me feel a bit leery, as if I’m a mad scientist and at any moment it could all explode! It’s ok, I’m silly I know because, I’m also afraid that my pressure cooker will do the same when I use it!



Drum roll…Ta da!! Here’s the finished product, homemade peach jam!  It was amazing, easy, a bit time consuming, but well worth the effort!  Next time, I’m going to try the lower sugar version.


I hope if you’re afraid to try something new you’ll pause, think about it, and find that there just might be a “sweet reward” for all your effort if you’ll just give it a try.



4 Comments on “Jammin’ on a Peach of a Day!

  1. All I can say is: This woman will succeed whatever project she decides to try!!! Cannot wait to get a taste of the peach jam next week! Mom


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