8 Simple Ways To Be More Creative

Can you be creative?  Yes you can!!

Do you ever wish you were more creative or do you find yourself saying to others, “You’re so talented, I could never do that!” or “I wish I was creative like you.  I just don’t have the patience.”  If so, and you want the creativity to flow, then you’re just a few choices away from becoming more creative. Seriously.  There are limitless links to creativity and scientific research about creativity on-line.  I’d simply like to share what I do to be more creative.

8 Ways To Be More Creative

1.Develop a habit of creativity.

Yes, it comes from a habit and by making it a priority. Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Try doing one new thing today. Each day try spending a bit of time on that thing, even small steps, a few minutes each day can create a habit that causes ideas to trickle into other imaginative tasks.


2.Give yourself time to dream.

Sleep on it!  When I’m stuck creatively and not sure what to do next I find my best answers somewhere before I wake, in that twighlight state.  I mentally work through my sludge and when I wake I’m inspired to move forward.  A solid night’s sleep is an amazing creativity booster!


3. Surround yourself with inspiration.

I love visiting exhibits or shows that feature other artists work. Other media or types of art can inspire.  It sends off signals into another area of your brain spurring on creative ideas.  Seek inspiration through reading blogs or post of other artists.


4. Let the sunshine in!

I find that bright day light not only revs up but inspires me, sunshine and nature are a friend to creativity!


5. Seek out other creative like minded individuals who you can collaborate with.

That’s why I’m so fond of creative groups, guilds and bees.  Any group that inspires you to try new things, achieve your goals, what ever they may be, is important to your creative growth!


6. Surround yourself with happy.

Happiness is a fuel to creativity.  Stress and sadness dampens and dulls the senses.  IF you find you’re stuck then GO make and effort to get happy either by walking, chatting with friends or just doing something else you know “gets your happy on.”


7.Take classes to expand your abilities or talent base.

There are offerings everywhere, just get on-line and do a little searching.  Talk with others with similar interests and find out who they’ve studied under.  Remember, creativity is a life long pursuit of learning.


8. Remember, positive self talk!

I was blessed to have a Dad who always encouraged me, “Never forget Lo, you can do whatever you set your mind to do!”   Remember, words are impactful!  So, what is your self talk?  Are you thinking negatively or speaking the possibilities into your life?

You see, I start my creative endeavors with a mindset.   I’m just a little creative that keeps at it; a “little engine that could” if you will.  I start most endeavors with:

“I think I can? I think I can.  I think I can. Why yes, I can!”



The Little Engine That Could


I hope you’ll get inspired and begin saying to yourself, “I think I can,” then follow up with, “Why yes, I can!” Remember, “you can do anything you set your mind to do!”

Thank you Dad!

4 Comments on “8 Simple Ways To Be More Creative

    • Excellent example of one “.. limitless links to creativity and scientific research about creativity on-line.” I love how he dances in an out of “how many __ does it take to change a lightbulb” as he’s presenting his points. Thank you for sharing!! Time for me to go be in “the open mode”! 😉


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