Studio Series: Your Thread Collection is Art

While setting up my latest studio, the 5th in 7 years, I went looking for ideas to make the area not only useful but pretty.  I’d like to share these ideas as I can and I hope you will get inspired to make your creative space fun to work in as well.  While perusing Pinterest I was inspired by a pin from MamieJane’s blog about how to make a gift wrapping station.  Mind you, that is not what I created but it inspired me to go and repurpose a nice big frame I’d been hauling all over the country.  I lightly sanded, primed, and painted the frame with a matte white latex then hung my somewhat empty thread racks in the frame.

Painted frame before the collection was added

Painted frame before hanging and or my collection was added

This was back in January and when my hubby noticed the holes in my collection he quickly jumped to ask what I needed to fill the area, got on-line, and my valentine’s arrived shortly there after.

He’s a pretty smart fella!

My Valenti

My Valentine’s package from Connecting threads arrived!!

Hey, here’s a thought!  If you have a few holes in your thread collection go check’m out.

They’re having a sale until the 16th of June.

You’ll be saying Woo Hoo too!

6 Comments on “Studio Series: Your Thread Collection is Art

    • Thanks Pat! I decided sometime ago, instead of storing all my useful collections in boxes or containers I’d put them out for inspiration! 🙂 Am always working on more useful, fun ways to display those items so that they might spur on creativity! Do you sew or quilt too?


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