Creative Conglomeration

So many fun quilting challenge groups are popping up on the internet now-a-days!  Just search the topic and page after page of ideas pop up.  While living in Nashua, I found some amazingly sweet and eagerly creative women.  We decided to dive into this fun trend and started a challenge group of our own!  It’s called:  

The first year, Marie Joerger and I determined the number of participants, the size of each piece, and the theme of the group’s over all challenge.  We wanted individual pieces to display well together. We also decided every 6 weeks we’d have the reveal. A few times we needed to be flexible with member’s schedules but over all we were pretty good to stay on task.  Another desire was, at the end of this process, we’d all come out with a new arsenal of techniques and ideas to build on.  Therefore, each of us could be better for having spent time investing in the challenge.

CC # 7 Group 2 - Version 2

“The CC ladies”

Every 6 weeks members took turns hosting the reveal and a different participant would present the challenge for the following 6 weeks.  The ladies were creative with the snacks they’d serve and often catered around the theme they were issuing for their challenge.  Also in keeping with the idea of learning new techniques, whoever hosted would present either a new tool or technique for instance, Texture Magic or Ink-Tense pencils.  The internet is a plethora of ideas for eagerly creative groups like ours.

The CC is growing and in it’s second year and I’m happy to be part of it.  Even tho they’re three thousand miles away, texting, email, Skype, and blogging keeps us all connected and creatively moving forward.  Stay tuned, I’ll share my process for our newest challenge “Spring” on tomorrow’s blog!

Interested in seeing more of CC’s portfolio?  Check them out at Creative Conglomeration.

4 Comments on “Creative Conglomeration

  1. What a fun and creative group we have been lucky enough to be a part of! I know my technique has grown and I have reached creatively like never before!! Thanks so always for nudging me along with you 🙂


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