Call me a happy hippy, a health-nut, or whatever you want but, after reading up on this I’m thinking Kombucha could be the elixir of life.  I first read about it on Pinterest and found some at my local health food store.  It was really good!  A bit pricey at $4.50 a bottle though so, I came home and did some more research.  I discovered not only could you make it yourself, it was easy!  I found a great read on the benefits of Kombucha: briefly, “It’s been around for more than 2,000 years and has a rich anecdotal history of health benefits like preventing and fighting cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.”  Interesting!  The mad scientist in me, wanted to give it a whirl so, I got on-line, found  Oregon Kombucha, ordered their coconut green tea starter kit, and waited with baited breath for my package to arrive.  I was surprised to see just how simple it was to get started.

One week in, and here’s my first picture, the progress of the scobe forming.  Ok I know, it kinda looks gross, right?  Image

After a few days, you slip off the rubber band and stick a straw in and give it a taste.  If you want it more tangy like I did, put the cover back on and wait.  I waited 21 days and this is what I found when I took off the cloth cover:


So, as you can see, it’s a bacterial process.  I’m not a fan of sugar, don’t use it for anything if I can help it but, this is a bacteria feeds and grows from the sugar so… Here’s my scobe, after 21 days I’m tickled it worked!

ImageI washed, dried and filled 7 pint jars. The instructions said to leave it sealed tight, on the counter for 24-48 hrs to increase carbonation.  I’m pretty pumped to see how my tangy tea is going to taste! Image

Update!  I’ve found in the warmer climates, when one starts with a full sized scobe and not a 1” cube like I did, it only takes 7-12 days to mature.  I keep multiple gallon jars growing and LOVE this stuff!! If you’ve tried it, I’d love to hear your feedback!  Here’s to your health, cheers!!

2 Comments on “Kombucha!

  1. 21 days! Wow, that’s a long fermentation. I make kombucha at home, too, but i’ve always been told to go 6 days, plus 1 day “on the counter”. I have gone an extra day or so (usually by accident! lol).
    Glad to hear you love it, too.
    love your blog. you rock!


    • Thanks B! It’s nice and tangy at 21 days then 36hrs on the counter increases the carbonation. Yummy!

      At this point I think it’s good to add STRAIN YOUR KOMBUCHA. Chels got a nice mouthful of an an egg white a substance and just about lost it. Lol! That’s what family’s for right?! She said, “Oh sure! Please drink this… don’t gag!! The flavor was good but there was a bit of a texture problem Mom.” ;o)


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