May’s FWMQG BOM “Sunapee Star”

You can find this block pattern, “Sunapee Star” available for download at  Marie’s Creative Space.  I lucked into meeting Marie Joerger on my creative journey,  a few years back.  It was quite by accident.  New to the area and on the hunt for creative friends, I do what I’ve done many times before, I found a guild and signed up for their retreat.  As it turns out, both Marie and I were new to the SVQguild and had both signed up for their fall retreat.  I unknowingly, arrived early and moved into her private room!  Of course, she was too sweet to kick me out.  Turns out we were both lucky enough to be looking for new friends.  Serendipitous?  Well, we  think so!

IMG_8072 - Version 2

Just look at this warm inviting face!  She has become one of the sweetest friends that I’ve ever, literally had the delight of “accidentally” moving in on.  🙂  I now refer to her as Roomie Rie.  She and her hubby Eric, who I refer to as Cap’n Erc, have a fun tritoon and lovely cabin on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire.  We’ve all made so many great memories there.  I’m glad she named the block “Sunapee Star” because each time I see it, I’ll be reminded of many a night spent laughing under the stars with dear friends at their camp.

Another fun serendipitous thought, right after we left New England, she and a few more creatives started the New Hampshire Modern Quilt Guild!   So, it’s only fitting I reveal this for my new guild, The Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild’s BOM star block challenge!

Be sure to go check out Marie’s creativity, she just posted a great tutorial on piecing circles!  She’s always up to something!  She has an incredible amount of positive, creative energy and is always on the look out for what’s next when it comes to quilting.


I had the privilege of testing her paper pieced pattern for her at our last retreat and I love it!  Pictured above are just a few brights combinations I made. Check it out, there are 4 block sizes available to download.  Enjoy!

2 Comments on “May’s FWMQG BOM “Sunapee Star”

  1. WOW – and Thank YOU!!! Thanks so much for posting about my new paper piecing Sunapee Star Block! If it wasn’t for you and all your support it would still be on my drawing table! Love the Modern take in your gray and orange sample. Beautiful! Hugs, M

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    • You are welcome my sweet Rie! You’re the best, such a ray of sunshine, and a creative spark. I hope those who go see your blog and activities catch your infectiousness. 😀


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