Cabbage Patch Inspired Hat

Ok, now I ask you, how stinking cute is this?!


Made you smile didn’t it?!  I stumbled upon Amanda Lillie’s Pattern originally on Pinterest.  Of course. I just had to go check it out!  I don’t have any of  “grands” of my own yet but, I do have lots of friends who seem to be finding them.  It appears it could be as easy as looking in a cabbage patch leaf!   That being said, I had to dig out my crochet hook and get ta hooking!

First let me say, if by some chance you’ve not found Ravelry and you are either a knitter, crocheter, or a weaver, you’re missing out!  Raverly is to all of that, as smartphones are to our generation.  No kidding!  They have an incredible data base stocked full of not only patterns but yarn, yarn shops, designers, anything and everything a yarn enthusiast might need and heaven forbid want!

If you’re interested,  check out my project, Cabbage Patch Inspired Hat on Ravelry. You can see the kind of yarn I used,  hook size,  even my notes on the project.   Enjoy!

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