Celebrate Girlfriends

If I can encourage you in anything today, I hope that you’ll find and celebrate girlfriends!

I don’t know about you, but in my life’s journey I’ve discovered there’s nothing like creative girlfriends! Nope, nothing. They’re my shot of B-12 and vitamin D all rolled up in one! Last month friends and I had a FUNtastic week in Kennebunkport, Maine.  My friend Ren’s husband discovered the best gift for her birthday was to surround her with quilting friends… and that’s just what we did, for an entire week, a creative quilting retreat.  Thank you Dave!Image

Here we are at the train station picking up the youngest in our group Amy, Ren’s daughter.  See?!  Creative peeps are the best. 🙂 Together we can be silly and I love my New England friends.  I met these ladies through the Souhegan Valley Quilt Guild, while living in Southern New Hampshire. My husband and I now live in Texas far from them but we all do what we can to travel and see each other at least a few times a year.

In the meanwhile, I’m on the hunt for some new PEEPS here in the DFW area… Question, will folks think I’m nuts if I go out calling, “Here chickie, chickie!  Here chickie, chickie”??

Today, reach out to a girlfriend, women need other women. We help each other through the good times, the bad, and most importantly we make life’s journey sew much more fun!

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