Quilting Acres

While living in the Portland area I met an incredibly sweet soul, another fiber creative, Errin Rissberger. She’s been successfully operating an Etsy shop, Quilting Acres from her lovely home on a tree farm outside of Portland, Oregon since 2008.

Errin’s a busy mom of two very young boys one she refers to as, “Mr. Busy Pants.”  But she always seems to find time for her passion, hand dyed wool. A friend and I stayed with she and her family on our way to Sister’s Outdoor Quilt show last July. It had been a few years since I was in her home and to my delight I was allowed to drool, from a distance, over her fantastic wool collection and oh my the yummy hand of her hand-dyed wools, they’re like butta! She was kind and actually allowed me pet her fabric. If you’re into fiber at all, it’s a calming habit we tactile “fiber enthusiast” have. To the outside world we might appear nuts but to us, well, we get it.


This was just one corner of her studio! Oh my. Can you say drool? So here’s my unsolicted plug, go check out her little shop on Esty, Quilting Acres. You won’t be disappointed.

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