What is a Creative Gypsy?

What is a Creative Gypsy?  Well, for me it’s the life of an artistic tumbleweed. Yep, I said tumbleweed. Combine Texas roots with an Air Force brat, and that’s what you get! I learned early, sinking down deep roots was tricky because the next wind that blew could land you in a new location. That said, I married a handsome, wonderfully, supportive man who seems to have adapted to the tumbleweed lifestyle. We’ve moved quite a bit in recent years, from Aledo Texas, to Oregon, to Austin, to New Hampshire. Now finally, we’re back home in DFW, Texas. I’m currently on my 5th studio in 7 years. Yup, that’s about it. I’m facing 50 this month and looking forward to embracing the possibilities life affords.

If it’s fiber related I’m in! From decorating to quilting, knitting, crochet, mixed media, internet creative challenges, you name it, I’ll try it. If you’d like to share your journey well chime in!

I hope you’ll join me in my creative journey. 🙂

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